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Current Support Group Offerings


Older Teen/Young Adult Group 

17-25 year olds (co-ed)

This group will focus on development and stabilization of identity and sense of self confidence. We will cover the transition to adulthood as well as managing and building relationships that are healthy and learning to differentiate between those that are supportive and those that can be damaging. 

(for next group please inquire)

Group discussion will cover:

  • fears about the future and managing expectations

  • moving beyond one's comfort zones to facilitate growth and long lasting connections

  • ways to build self confidence by doing

  • learning how and when to be vulnerable

  • managing the increasing freedom of adulthood

  • recognizing how fear and shame can get in the way of personal growth

Young Teen Group   

14-16 year olds (co-ed)

This group will focus on social anxiety and creating healthy and growing peer networks and friendships and decreasing social isolation and loneliness.  

(for next group please inquire)

Group discussion  will focus on

  • the transition to adulthood  

  • advocating for ones self

  • increasing independence and social competence

  • building and maintaining healthy relationships  and friendships  

  • knowing when to be vulnerable within a trusting relationship.


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