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Testimonials from Colleagues, Patients and Families

"Karyn has the patience, determination, and commitment to stick with clients and families until they feel safe and comfortable enough to use the skills they learn to thrive”.

Jonathan Pletcher, M.D., Former Director of The Adolescent Care Center of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Clnical Director, Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Health, The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

"Growing up in the inner city came with many forms of plight. I have experienced things most 20 year olds could never comprehend; homelessness, dug abuse, sexual assault, being suicidal, and the death of both parents. I was fortunate that I did not have to experience this alone. Karyn became my social worker and therapist during this difficult time. She is the one person who has always seen the person I had the potential to become. It was with her that I could become vulnerable and seek help. It was not a easy transition from a victim to a survivor but together we fought for my life back".

20 year old former patient

“Karyn’s spontaneity, knowledge, and ease with dealing with any difficult situation is amazing. She demonstrates that she doesn’t get frazzled  multitasking multiple issues at a time, and has earned renowned respect  and trust from the young patients and families she treats…. She has a remarkable relationship with so many of our teens and parents and has empowered them to follow through and obtain support, education and coping skills to help them reach their future goals and make their day to day lives better”.

Eve Bosnick, MSN CRNP Director, Advocare Adolescent Wellness Center Narberth, Pennsylvania 

"My husband and I came to see Karyn after failed attempts to help our son by two other therapists.  Joe (not real name) was struggling with stress from school and had recently broken up with his girlfriend of 9 months.  We had just discovered that he had been using drugs and alcohol.  After his initial resistance to counseling, Joe really connected wtih Karyn and she helped him to deal with his anxiety and cope more effectively with his feelings.  She also helped my husband and I to talk with Joe in a way that didn't shut him down and she showed us how to listen without judgement. It took some time but we are thankful to have our son back".

Mother of a 16 year old patient


"Karyn is certainly one of the most committed, skilled and creative social workers I have ever worked with.  Advocating for adolescents, empowering their families, and building multi-disciplinary teams are some of Karyn’s unparalleled strengths…Karyn shows patients and families opportunities where I can only see difficulties.  She creates an environment in which adolescents can heal, and in time, hopefully become effective, problem-solving and positive young adults”.

Sara B. Kinsman, M.D., Ph.D.,  Former  Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Director of Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health, Philadelphia Department of Health

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